The Would Jesus Eat Frybread? Studio

The WJEF Studio exists to empower First Nations followers of the Jesus Way to express musically all the truth they know. 


our mission:

1. To equip college-educated Native young people spiritually and professionally to advance in creative fields;

2. To build hope in Native communities through the revitalization of culture and the production of art that inspires;

3. Through the arts, to educate the American public and religious spheres of Native history and current needs;

4. . . . that together, we might heal the mistrust that divides our land.


WJEF Studio performs "Prophecy" by deanna ivans at WJEF17


why does this need to exist? 

The destruction of Native cultures was the full-time job of colonizers for several hundred years. Many of these colonizers came in the name of the Christian religion. The repercussions of these traumatic encounters demand a multifaceted approach to healing that includes spiritual and cultural reparation. The near-total losses sustained by Native people cannot be won back as a hobby: cultural revitalization is a full-time vocation. It requires training, persistence, courage, and resources. The WJEF Studio equips a generation of creative champions to heal their own cultural wounds so they can heal others'. It does so through training in spiritual healing practices, creative coaching, the development of intergenerational and intertribal Indigenous collaborations, and access to a network of professional resources.